Aarogya Medical Services is Mumbai Based Company established in 2015. We provide Simplest Healthcare Cost Saving Solution Platform.We are well aware about that the Unforeseen Medical Emergencies & Heavy Burden of Medical Expenses will attack on our tiny Pocket anytime,anywhere.We Can not stop these situations But, we can reduce the Cost of Medical Urgencies By Using the Correct Path.Aarogya Medical Services Will Help you out to Save your Harder Savings during Medical Urgencies for future Unforeseen Circumstances.By The Aarogya Medical Services anyone can find the Nearest associated Store/Health Centres to get the Fast & Affordable Healthcare Services.

If you feels that as a Middle or Lower Middle or as any standard of living individual the medical services cost are quite heavier & goes beyond your budget the piggymeds will help you out to save the Harder Money.You can easily download the app or visit the official website www.aarogyamedicalservices.com to apply our aarogya medical service health card and enjoy the great deals and live offers on Healthcare Services near you.This is hereby sole concern of Aarogya Medical Services about the utilisation of Fund or the transactional settlement at any point of specific prescribed timing.We are committed to Provide best,qualitative and very affordable Healthcare Savings via our healthcare card.

In Aarogya Medical Services We Offer the Health Card to our customer to get benefits of discount on the medical urgencies and healthcare services. We have different associated like hospital, pathcare, diagnostic lab, medical store. Our Health Care Card give you upto 40% discount on the healthcare services.By the help of health care card everyone can avail the services very discount rates and help to them forward savings.

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